Feb 98

Joe's Cycling page

Although I started biking when I was a teenager, I re-started just a few years ago. I've lived most of my life in places where there was a lot of interest in biking: the Basque country and Mallorca, so I suppose that enjoying life on a bike comes naturally.

The Basque country is in north Spain, by the French border. Some famous basque cyclists are Loroño, Lasa, Perurena, Lejarreta, Olano, and almost Indurain (he is from nearby Navarra). Mallorca is an island in the Mediterranean, and we have three track world champions: Timoner (6 times in the 50's and 60's), Llaneras (thrice in 96, 97, and 98) and Alzamora (in 97).

The only biking I do is road biking. I don't like MTB's at all. I'm picking up, last year I rode 5600 Kms, my goal is to reach 6000 Kms this year. I usually ride once or twice on weekdays (a short ride, 25-30 Kms) and do my long ride (80-90 Kms) on Saturdays.

In case you care, my bike is a steel one (Columbus Thron tubing) with a Shimano 105 grouppo.

Biking in Mallorca

Mallorca has become one of the main cycling spots in Europe. Not only many pro's come here to train during the winter, lots of tourists come to ride around the Island during Winter and Spring.

If you're planning to come to bike to Mallorca, here are some of my usual rides. They are all based in Palma, as I live here. If you are interested on rides starting at other places let me know.

My favorite sites

My favorite rides

To describe the route I've only mentioned the towns and villages you'll cross. It might not be evident on a map which way to go. If you want more details, send me a message.

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