T&MP-Align: T-invariants & Metabolic Pathways Alignment.

A new version of MP-Align where, in addition, the T-invariants of the Metabolic Pathways are computed and aligned. It also offers the option to run the original MP-Align with a revised version which is more user-friendly and the detected problems in the previous implementation have been solved.

You can download the Python source code for T&MP-Align.

If you use MPAlign or TM&MPAlign, please cite this paper: BMC Systems Biology.

Contact: Mercè Llabrés

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Research Group

Dpt of Matematics and Computer Sciencie

University of Balearic Islands

MP-Align: Metabolic Pathways Alignment. (Old implementation)

MP-Align is a tool for the pairwise comparison and alignment of two metabolic pathways.

You can download the Python source code for MP-Align.