The morning sessions go from 9.30 to at most12.25. Somewhere around 11 there will be a short and simple coffee break

Lunch is at 12.30, and we cannot be late. The afternoon sessions go from 14.30 to, at most, around 18. There will be a half-an-hour coffe break somewhere around 16-16.30. After 18, there will be three small rooms booked  just in case groups of people, or individuals, decide to stay working instead of making tourism.

Monday are the first part of tuesday’s morning are devoted to tutorials. The rest of the meeting are not tightly scheduled. Everey session will held two talks, the second taking place after the discussion about the first one, and at least one hour before the end of the session. Discussions will be encouraged.

            9.30-10 Registration and welcome
            10                    Oscar Moyà, Plasma membrane, compartmentation, transport, and
            11.15                Gheorge Paun, Tutorial on membrane computing
            12.30                Lunch
            14.30                Antonio di Nola, Tutorial on Lukasiewicz algebras
            15.30                Lech Polkowski, Tutorial on rough sets
15.30                        Coffee break
16.30                Mario de J. Pérez, Tutorial on computational complexity in membrane computation
            9.30                  Jaume Casasnovas, Tutorial on cardinalities of fuzzy multisets
11.15                Adam Obtulowicz, Fuzzy P systems and fuzzy rule-based
            12.30                Lunch
14.30-18                  Daniela Besozzi, P systems under uncertainty: the case of transmembrane proteins
Coffee break
Taishin Y. Nishida , An approximate algorithm for NP-complete
optimization problems exploiting P-systems
            9.30                  Matteo Cavaliere, Modelling Biological Processes in P Systems:
Handling Imprecision and Constructing New Models
Stefano Aguzzoli, P systems with vague boundaries: the t-norm approach
            12.30                Lunch
14.30-18            Alberto Leporati, Quantum Energy-based P Systems
Coffee break
Luca Bianco, Metabolic algorithms and signal transduction dynamical networks