February, 2002

Social characteristics of the Marvel Universe

Cesc Rosselló, Ricardo Alberich, and myself have been studying the Marvel Universe, that is, the artificial world that takes place in the universe of the Marvel comic books, as an example of a social collaboration network. We have compared the characteristics of this universe to real-world collaboration networks, such as the Hollywood network, or the one created by scientists who work together in producing research papers. A preprint of our results is available.

You probably are wondering what's the use of studying the Marvel Universe. Here is brief explanation, together with a description of what a graph is and its uses. It is available in English and in Catalan

The data we have used come from the Marvel Chronology Project. We have used the program Pajek to analyze the data. Following you can find the text data files we used for the project together with the Mathematica notebooks we developed to analyze the distribution of the bipartite network and the final network.

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Author :Joe Miro
Dept. Matemàtiques i Informàtica
Universitat de les Illes Balears.